Friday, 18 December 2009

A Fashionable Twist on Biology

She has been described as an ‘inevitable hurricane ripping its path through fashion’ and after one look at Katie Eary’s garments it is impossible not to see why. In a world consumed by an irrefutable copycat mantra Eary is one lady who not only isolates herself from the crowd but commands attention with her undeniably individual take on contemporary fashion. Fashion nowadays has been somewhat labelled as lazy with many designers relying solely on the design to gain interest rather than the actual mechanics behind the garment, however Katie outrivals all with her ability to effortlessly conquer the two. Her bespoke approach to each piece within her collection not only confirms this but makes a mockery of all others frail attempts.  Only the finest ingredients are used in Miss Eary’s delectable designs, her materials are handpicked perfection, from leather to wool and brass to crystals all seamless contradictions that combine to create a collection that seems to only hint at the full potential of this ladies uncontainable imagination.





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