Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Three's a crowd

My friend had a threesome
I have a friend who likes girls, he likes sex with girls and recently he ended up having a threesome, which luckily for him involved a girl. This is his experience, enjoy.
So how was it?
How was what?
Don’t be such a douchebag, your threesome?
Hmmmm, it was ok, you know can’t complain
What was the ratio?
Like was it you and a guy and a girl, vice versa?
Me, my mate James and his girlfriend, who was so hot, so so hot.
Reeeeeeeeally, so how did it come about exactly?
 It was a mutual thing, James said to me before that she would probably be up for a threesome; I asked her if she was up for it and she was like yeah.
Any drugs, alcohol involved?
Yes lots, we’d been out all night, I was fucking hammered, and I’m actually surprised I got a stiffy, I totally did though.
Weren’t u kind’ve scared, it’s a little daunting isn’t it, like how do u decide who goes where/and does what etc?
It was really awkward to start off with yeah - - James an her were just kissing on the bed and I was just sat on a chair next to them, then I think she started kissing me while he played with her boobs - - we both fingered her...I left the room at some point to get a drink and when I came back they were both naked on the bed with him fucking her from behind. Then it was less awkward because it was sex if you get me rather than intimate things like kissing..I was only in my boxers anyway and at this point I took them off and jus kneeled down on the end of the bed...so she was sucking me off as he fucked her from behind.
Wow talk about multitalented, but wasn’t there weird times when it was bordering gay, at the end of the day the number of dicks out way the pussy?
No why would it be in the slightest bit gay - - you more than many are clearly familiar with lad mentality and me an him saw it as a laugh - - one of the boxes ticked off while at uni, ya know?
So no gayness at all, a little touch here, little suck there?
No no no, you’re such a fucking pervert, jeez
I don’t know, two boys with their dicks out, a girl can dream eh? So were there any times when someone was left out, like there’s no way u could be kept occupied allllllll the time?
Yeah after we'd been going for a while, James left the room and I carried on fucking her for a while, then he came back and that was that.
Nice, and after did you all snuggle in the love bed?
Shut up, you dick, I obviously went in my room and they slept together
Was it not awkward when you saw her/ him again?
Well I live with him and we thought it was funny as fuck...mine and her relationship has completely deteriorated - - we used to be quite friendly, now we ignore each other
Bad news, but hey you still got laid, so the threesome would you recommend it?
Why you thinking about it?
Fuck you pervert, I’m asking the questions....
Haha, well if your all up for it then it is definitely a laugh and an experience, but it can be a bit awkward...dunno what to say really...I didn’t over analyse it at all...to me it was just sex with a girl, made funny by the fact that my mate was there as well....and also the fact that obviously she was being so filthy, eg sucking me off while he fucked her from behind, shit that was a turn on, plus the fact she was hot as hell. I would definitely be up for trying a threesome with two girls though next time, you know any who’d be up for that kind of thing??





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