Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The snow

I may never sleep when she rests her gargantuan self upon the ground,
That brash canvas of innocence taunts and teases the darkest of demons from deep within.
Confident in her angelic being, she suffocates me into a state of sheer asphyxiation with the birth of each unnerving thought.
Yet still she smiles, whispering her deceiving bell like tone as I loiter in a selfless limbo tiptoeing somewhere between slumber and consciousness.
Do I dare to dance with Lucifer himself when such a godlike creature enraptures me in her evangelical presence?
As each guilty thought overlaps the next I feel I shall surely die from the weight burdening my chest,
Yet just as I feel I can take it no more, her grip begins to loosen from around my neck.
With the lift of each wintry finger my mind becomes lighter and I begin to feel the warm cradle of normality lift me to its bosom.
And as the comforting flickers of dawn break upon her icy back, my head falls to rest into a peaceful slumber.
Goodbye dear maiden, your time has come.





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